Saturday, April 14, 2007

Communicating with Tone of Voice

Most people speak with weak, squeaky voices that convey the message, “ I am not confident”. This is a Big turn-off.

Learn how to speak with a deeper voice. Learn to speak from down in your chest and stomach. Add more bass to your voice.

When you are Body language and Tone of voice convey that you are confident and you have high self-esteem. You can ATTRACT any women at will.

Women read body language better

Women read body language 10 times better than men. This emphasizes the importance of body language when interacting with a woman. Pick up lines and other tricks are of no value if your body language is not good.

When the body language and voice tone is correct, you could almost say anything and they would feel attracted.

So have a “ I AM CONFIDENT, I AM IN CONTROL” body language and you are sure to succeed with women.

Triggering The Attraction

When a guy sees an attractive woman, his internal states change and a common pattern of behavior begins. Women can tell how worthy you are sexually from the pattern you display, and one wrong move will destroy their interest.

But if you can exhibit the right pattern of behavior and communication, you can trigger the physical and emotional response called ATTRACTION…and then the logic will handle itself.